Showing appreciation for your clients at Closing is important and a nice Closing gift goes a long way. Don’t get in the boring rut of just a gift basket. Why not show you put special thought into it?

For Buyers:

A custom Address plaque for their new home. You can spend well-under $100 for it and it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Check out www.custommade.com/gallery/custom-house-numbers for a ton of designs and ideas with a great price range.

For Sellers:

A delivery of freshly cooked food on the day of or day after their move. Your Sellers likely don’t have the energy, time or anything to cook since the fridge has been emptied!

If you’re a cook, make them a home-made meal. If you aren’t a cook, have something delivered from a truly great restaurant! If the restaurant doesn’t deliver, use a delivery service like GrubHub or take the time to deliver it personally.